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Explore PixAI, the innovative anime AI generator that transforms your imagination into style-consistent, high-quality anime character creations.

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PixAI offers a powerful anime AI generator and a platform to share your own AI anime fanart, realistic portraits, illustrations, wallpapers, with a huge selection of different anime AI generator models and styles.

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Our platform offers curated collections of AI anime art across a wide range of genres, providing a wealth of inspiration for AI artists and anime fans.

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If you're looking for good AI anime art prompts and styles, or simply want to find some AI anime art for your other creations, PixAI is the anime AI generator to fuel your creativity. Join the community and start using our anime AI generator today!

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You can generate any AI anime art and turn your imagination into reality with our AI anime generator.


Share your proud creations of AI anime art on our platform and connect with other AI artists.

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Our AI anime generators are equipped with all the tools you need to achieve the character, scene, and styles for your AI anime art!


How Do I Access the AI Anime Generator?

To access our AI anime generator, simply go to pixai.art and click "+New Artwork" to start generating AI anime art!

How Do I Make Better, Nice-Looking AI Anime Images?

We have a huge archive of AI Anime Art Images and Prompts. Explore our gallery, find the image you like and click on "use as reference" to generate gorgeous AI Anime art in no time!

How Can I Generate AI Anime Art for Free?

You can generate AI Anime Art for free with PixAI. We give out free site credits every day for you to use with our AI anime generator.

How Do I Generate a Specific Anime Character?

You can use our LoRAs to generate AI anime art of any popular anime characters you like with our AI anime generator. On our Generation page, simply click on the 'Add a LoRA' button and find the LoRA for your desired character on the official list or in our Market.